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About - The best free local restaurant finder - itpg

Is this place good ? is a super simple and fun app that helps you decide if the restaurants or cafes next to you are good and if you should go somewhere else.

When you are traveling or just walking around your city or town, just pull your phone up, open the app, and emojis in Augmented Reality will quickly tell you if this place you are looking at is good, bad, or just meh. Read reviews from people who have been there and always make sure you're going somewhere that is tasty.

Before you go in..always check first: is this place good?


  • 😄Emoji popups with smileys according to place quality
  • ⭐️ Ratings from 1 to 5
  • 🧭 Navigate to location
  • 👍Tap to show reviews
  • Change app icon - choose from various colors to keep your phone screen fresh!
  • 🍔 🍕 and 🍣 emojis for when have to have one of those right now !

Is this place good? app screenshot