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What's this flower? instant ID

What if you had the power to pull out your phone and immediately find out the name of the flower your are looking at?

What's this flower is the app for that !

Just point your camera at a flower, and let the app guess what flower you are looking at ! This app recognises more than 60 species of common flowers around the world. From the common daisy to the bird of paradise, the iris, and the zinnia ...

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What's this mushroom? instant ID

Wondering what that mushroom you found in the woods is called? Is it most likely poisonous? Are you interested in fungi and the fascinating world of mushrooms?

What's this mushroom is an app that uses computer vision technology to classify mushrooms using the camera. From the poisonous death cap to the strange puffball mushroom, this app attempts to classify the name of a mushrooms from more than 40 different kinds.

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